About Signpost Surveys

Signpost Surveys specialise in Topographic Surveying and UAS/UAV aerial imagery in Ireland. Over the past ten years our team has gained considerable experience in the civil engineering and surveying industries.

Signpost Surveys provide a cost effective surveying and aerial imagery service to a wide array of industries including Construction, Civil Engineering, Utilities and Agriculture. Signpost Surveys endeavor to provide innovative product packages which will not only meet client specifications but also far exceed their expectations.

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Team and Qualifications

Our team has a broad range of experience covering all aspects of civil engineering surveying.

Signpost Surveys fully qualified land surveyors hold Honours Degrees in B.Sc Geomatics obtained from Dublin Institute of Technology.

Our surveyors have gained experience over the past decade working on large scale engineering and construction projects. Signpost Surveys directly transfer this invaluable experience to our customers projects.

Signpost Surveys are fully licensed by the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) to operate our UAS.

What do we do?

Signpost Surveys provide a flexible and cost effective solution for producing topographic mapping and ortho-rectified, high resolution aerial photography. In addition Signpost Surveys has developed a range of value added products to ensure our customers receive the greatest possible value for money.

Utilising the latest Unmanned Aerial System (UAS), sense Fly eBee, Signpost Surveys have the ability to deliver timely and highly accurate, geospatial products. If you would like to learn more about our products and services please do not hesitate to contact us now!