Case Study - Quarry Survey


Signpost Surveys have been involved within a number of projects which required detailed topographic surveys of working quarries.

In all cases the end client required a detailed topographic surveys to include a DTM of the entire quarry, volume calculations of stock piles and high resolution aerial imagery of the quarry.

All Signpost Surveys projects are completed by employing the use of our sense Fly eBee UAS in conjunction with terrestrial survey instruments N-RTK GNSS and Robotic Total Station..


Signpost Survey have provided our clients with the following which products which were identified during the request for quotation phase:

  • High Resolution Ortho mosaic
  • UAS point cloud
  • Stockpile Volume Calculations

In addition to the products specified by the clients Signpost Surveys also included the following:

  • Detailed topographic survey AutoCAD file formats
  • Detailed contour model in AutoCAD file formats
  • Rendered 3D model and visualisations
  • Video fly through
  • PDF, JPEG and TIFF files containing all project data


Stockpile volume calculations are conducted within the point cloud using our UAS image processing software. All stockpiles are also exported from the point cloud as either .shp or .dxf files and are further analysed to verify the calculated volume.In addition and in order to further verify the accuracy of our data one stockpile is also surveyed using robotic total station.

Depending on the size of the quarry a number of 30 minute flights are conducted. The entire survey area is surveyed with perpendicular flight lines which provides a high level of redundancy and ensures sufficient data is collected. For a typical quarry project 2 x days processing is carried out on each dataset. This processing is required to produce the point cloud, ortho mosaic and topographic line work.