Case Study - Topographic Survey


Signpost Survey were appointed by an Architect Firm to complete a topographic survey as part of a re development and extension to an existing building.

The clients required a complete topographic survey of the site to include building floor, eaves and ridge levels, existing public road, existing services including cover levels and invert levels to manholes, pipe sizes, direction of flow, hydrants and valves.


The topographic survey was completed using a combination of eBee UAS, NRTK GNSS and Robotic Total Station. All data was combined together to produce the following deliverables.

  • 3D AutoCAD .dwg file containing all data.
  • 2D AutoCAD .dwg file.
  • High Resolution and Low Resolution Orthomosaic .
  • Point cloud in .las format.
  • Vertical and Oblique aerial imagery of the site.

Where possible Signpost Surveys will endeavor to fly our eBee UAS over all topographic survey sites. This UAS data (orthomosaics, point cloud and raw aerial imagery) is then provided at no additional cost as part of the overall survey deliverables.