Frequently Asked Questions

What is Signpost Surveys area of expertise?

Signpost Surveys are primarily a Topographic and Civil Engineering Surveying company. Our areas of expertise include the following:

  • Topographic Surveys
  • Boundary Surveys
  • Measured Building Surveys
  • Facade/Elevation Surveys
  • Structure/Utilities Monitoring
  • Site setting out

What equipment do Signpost Surveys use to complete their work?

Signpost Surveys use the latest surveying technology to ensure that all work is carried out in a timely and efficient manner.

All  our Topographic Surveys are completed  with:

  • Robotic Total Station
  • senseFly eBee

What accuracy can Signpost Surveys achieve?

This is dependent on the type of survey and the instrumentation used to complete the task.

  • Topographic Surveys: Sub centimeter -  Robotic TS and RTK GNSS
  • Boundary Surveys: Sub centimeter - Robotic TS and RTK GNSS
  • Monitoring: Millimeter - Rigorous control network established and observations  made with Robotic TS

For our aerial surveys the accuracy of our final products depends on the specification requested by the customer and the purpose for which our products will be used.

By introducing ground control points with survey grade GPS Signpost Surveys aerial imagery achieves a positional accuracy of +/- 5 to 10cm.

Utilising the eBees on board autonomous GPS Signpost Surveys aerial imagery achieves an accuracy of between 0.5m -1.0m.


What area can Signpost Surveys fly in one day?

Our eBee UAS has the ability to capture data over 10 Km2 in less than one hour.

However the area that can be covered in a single flight is dependent on a number of factors such as flying height, wind speed/direction and site layout. Typically at a ground sampling distance of 3cm/pixel Signpost Surveys can capture data over 2Km2 or 200 Ha in one hour. If your site is larger than this we can conduct multiple flights in one day to acquire the necessary data.

Do Signpost Surveys rely solely on their UAS for data acquisition during aerial surveys?

No. Signpost Surveys acquire data over a site by two means, aerial survey and ground survey. Using our eBee UAS we acquire high resolution aerial imagery over our clients complete site, in addition we also carry out a ground survey using  Total Station/GNSS.

This data collected both from the air and on the ground is combined together to create highly accurate geospatial products.

What format does Signpost Surveys deliver their products in?

Signpost Surveys can provide our products in a range of formats to suit client’s needs.

Typical output formats include: RAW image files

  • .dxf/.dwg
  • .xyz/.csv
  •  .tiff (GeoTiff)
  • .jpeg
  • .shp
  • .lyr

Signpost Surveys can also provide printed mapping products upon request.


Are Signpost Surveys insured?

Yes. Signpost Surveys have full public liability insurance.

Are Signpost Surveys registered for VAT?

Yes. Our VAT number can be provided upon request. 

Are  Signpost Surveys Licensed by the Irish Aviation Authority to operate a UAS?

Yes, both Signpost Surveys fully qualified UAS pilots are fully licensed by the IAA to operate our UAS and conduct aerial works.