Aerial Imagery


Signpost Surveys operate a sensFly eBee UAS. This system has the capability to capture data over 10Km square in one flight.

The eBee's on-board high resolution RGB camera captures 100's of images which are used to create ortho rectified mosaics.

Utilising ground control Signpost Surveys can achieve a positional accuracy of +/- 5cm RMSE.

In addition to capturing imagery with the standard RGB camera the eBee offers an interchangeable platform which can also carry aNIR/Multispectral camera. In combination with our partners Signpost Surveys can also off a full motion video service to complement your topographic survey.

Benefits of our service

Unlike other systems available on the market our eBee UAS also has the ability to capture oblique imagery. This can be very useful in complementing survey products or documenting a site.

For a typical one hour flight (100 - 200 ha site) the post processing required to produce ortho imagery and derived products is approx 4 hours.

This exceptionally quick turn around time means that high quality geospatial products are ready to aide decisions and compute calculations in less than a day.