Aerial Surveys


Signpost Surveys aerial survey service offers our clients a cost effective solution for the rapid acquisition of high resolution aerial imagery and highly accurate topographic mapping products. Using our eBee UAS, which has been specifically designed for survey application, we have the ability to capture data over very large areas in a very short period of time. Each 40 minute flight has the potential to capture data from 2 - 5cm in accuracy over an area of 1 - 10 Km square.

Benefits of our service

Where possible Signpost Survey will employ the use of our eBee UAS on all topographic survey projects. The additional data provided by our eBee .enables Signpost Surveys to provide a range of value added products to our clients.

Where time is a deciding factor on the accuracy, level of detail and overall extent of any potential survey we have the ability to help our clients maximise the potential in three of these areas. By combining traditional ground survey methods with aerial technology we have the ability to produce highly accurate topographic mapping over extensive areas in a very short period of time.


The ability to acquire accurate data quickly during an aerial survey lends it suitability to a wide array of applications including the following:

  • Brown/green field sites surveys.
  • Quarry Surveys.
  • Environmental Surveys - Landfill, coastal,.
  • Civil Engineering Surveys - roads, railway, corridor surveys, progress surveys.
  • Construction monitoring.