Topographic Surveys


Signpost Surveys use a combination of Robotic Total Station, GNSS and UAS ortho rectified imagery to produce highly accurate topographic mapping. Topographic surveys record all manmade and natural features within the survey area. These features are then represented on the map or drawing as points, lines or polygons.

All information is collected in three dimensions, X Y and Z and can be projected in any coordinate system at any scale. In addition Signpost Surveys topographic mapping is produced in a wide range of digital formats which are easily consumed by client GIS/Design/Survey software.

Benefits of our service

The advantages of Signpost Surveys topographic mapping service is that, where possible, we use our UAS on all topographic projects. This allows for a complete picture of the site to be obtained at the time of survey. Highly accurate representations of the site are then produced in a reduced time frame and the need for site re-visits are eliminated.

All topographic mapping projects come accompanied with ortho rectified aerial imagery as standard. The combination of our ground surveying and aerial imagery provides our clients with a complete and highly accurate topographic solution.


The following are some examples of topographic mapping applications:

  • Surveys of brown/green field sites for design and planning.
  • As built surveys of existing private/commercial properties for architectural/planning purposes.
  • Surveys of heritage sites and monuments.
  • Civil engineering surveys for construction projects.
  • Corridor surveys for proposed/existing roads, pipelines and services.
  • Establish existing site levels and locations of services