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Topographic Surveys

Signpost Surveys use a combination of Robotic Total Station, GNSS and Aerial Survey data to produce highly accurate topographic mapping. Topographic surveys record all manmade and natural features within the survey area. These features are then represented on the map or drawing as points, lines or polygons and presented to the client in 2D and 3D AutoCAD formats.

Aerial Surveys

Signpost Surveys aerial survey service offers our clients a cost effective solution for the rapid acquisition of high resolution aerial data. Using our eBee UAS, which has been specifically designed for survey application, we have the ability to capture data over very large areas in a very short period of time. Products include Aerial Point Clouds, High Resolution Imagery, Digital Surface and Elevations models.

Facade/Elevation Surveys

Facades/Elevation surveys involve accurately measuring the elevations or faces of buildings to record all features such as windows, doors, parapets, roofs, columns, and other structural elements. Signpost Surveys achieve the highest possible accuracy by utilising Laser Scan and Robotic Total Station technology. Survey outputs include laser scan point clouds, 2D and 3D AutoCAD

Civil Engineering and Construction

Signpost Surveys cover all forms of Civil Engineering Surveying from Site Setting Out to Monitoring / Deformation Surveys. We employ the use of a variety of survey techniques to achieve the highest possible accuracy. Client requirements, accuracy, tolerance and a broad choice of surveying technology form the basis of or Civil Engineering service.

Measured Building

Using the latest technology Signpost Surveys capture highly accurate spatial information which enables the production of accurate building floor plans, cross sections, elevations and facades. Signpost Surveys utilise the latest Laser Scanning and Robotic Total Station technology to ensure that all detail is captured at the highest accuracy possible.

Laser Scan

Signpost Surveys High Definition Laser Scanning has the ability to capture data over a larger area in far less time and to greater detail than conventional survey techniques. This allows us us to extract increased information and produce highly accurate survey products. Laser scanning allows us to operate in difficult conditions, such as restricted access or poor lighting whilst capturing the required data.

Signpost Surveys are happy to discuss your requirements with you and offer advice on your survey needs. If you have a question please feel free to contact us.

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